The Problem

  • Dengue virus (DENV) remains a major public health burden and until recently, no vaccine was available 
  • The approved dengue vaccine is based on live-attenuated virus; however, it is not recommended for use in all populations​
  • A non-infectious variant of DENV could provide a starting point for an improved next-generation vaccine that would reach more people at risk

The Solution


Atomic-level functional model of dengue virus Envelope protein infectivity

  • We made and screened 1,433 mutations.spanning the DENV3 envelope protein (prM/E)

  • Analysis of DENV3 Env ectodomain mutations identified variants with high expression and high ability to bud, yet low/no infectivity

800x800_DENV case study_V3

The Impact 

  • We identified non-infectious variants that showed no signs of structural impairment (i.e., wild-type levels of expression, antibody reactivity, and release of intact virions)
  • Such non-infectious variants can be valuable in the design of vaccines with improved availability to at-risk populations

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Integral Molecular does not work with any live viruses capable of causing infectious disease. We have developed Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs) to enable scientists to study infectivity and viral components without the risk of exposure to viruses or the spread of contagious illnesses.

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