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Conquering Undruggable Targets to Obtain Preclinical Antibodies


Despite the remarkable growth of antibody-based therapies in recent years, numerous promising targets remain untapped. Many targets have resisted conventional discovery approaches because they are highly conserved, structurally complex, or they present other technical hurdles.  

In this webinar, industry experts will share innovative strategies they have used to unlock challenging targets including membrane proteins. They discuss: 

Video contents

Sharon Willis, PhD, Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations, Integral Molecular 

Martin Lehr, Co-founder and CEO, Context Therapeutics

Marty discusses the lead program for CTIM-76, an antibody therapeutic for solid tumors. CTIM-76 targets Claudin 6 (CLDN6), a highly promising yet very challenging membrane protein target. He introduces the technologies that led to the successful discovery and development of this highly selective bispecific molecule and its progress toward an IND filing.

Joseph Rucker, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development, Integral Molecular

Focusing on programs for CLDN6 and GPRC5D, Joe digs into the technologies used to characterize antibody panels discovered using the MPS Antibody Discovery platform. He also highlights the processes for selecting the best candidates and developing them into powerful multispecific lead molecules.

Ross Chambers, PhD, Vice President of Antibody Discovery, Integral Molecular

Ross describes the promise of membrane proteins as therapeutic targets, the challenges associated with them, and technologies for overcoming those challenges. He focuses on divergent immunization host species, including chickens, as well as strategies for delivering high-concentration, native-conformation antigens.

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