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Reporter Virus Tools to Combat Current Viral Threats and the Next Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought virology to the forefront of many research programs. But how do we get ahead of the next viral threat? Limited commercial labs are licensed to conduct research using BSL-3 or BSL-4 pathogens. However, reporter virus tools such as ready-to-use Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs, i.e., pseudoviruses) have enabled virus research in a BSL-2 environment, allowing testing of sera and antibodies in high-throughput, safe neutralization assays to accelerate virology research.

In this GEN webinar, one of our distinguished speakers, Dr. Hayley Crawford, will discuss Integral Molecular’s broad catalog of RVPs, including influenza A and B, Marburg virus, and the latest variants of SARS-CoV-2. Moreover, she will discuss Integral Molecular’s expertise in custom RVP projects. Additionally, panelists Dr. Sheila Keating and Dr. Natalie Anosova will describe how Integral Molecular’s extensive collection of SARS-CoV-2 variant RVPs enabled them to meet the most recent FDA guidance for variant testing of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies.

Learning Objectives:

With a focus on safe and high-throughput neutralization assays for therapeutic development, this webinar assembles experts in virology and vaccine development and features presentations from Integral Molecular, Sanofi and Gigagen.

  • Understand how Reporter Virus Particles (RVPs) enable safe and efficient measurement of antibody and sera neutralization
  • Discover an extensive catalog of RVPs and options for customization can enable a broad virology research portfolio
  • Learn about new advances in therapeutic antibody and vaccine development>